2,50 For A Weekend

“Everything that is possible in the rest of the world is impossible in Georgia and everything that is impossible in the rest of the world is possible in Georgia.” We’ve been told that in orientation week and had a good smile about it. And here comes a story that proves that this statement is at least partially true.

So a few weeks into the new semester I was asked by my host dad’s TV station to come to the city centre for a small TV report. Nothing big they said. Look winter-y, they said. So I borrowed my host dad’s winter jacket, brought my scarf, called a good friend and off I went to the centre.

There we found that we were supposed to go to a tourist information to get information on Skiing in Adjara, apparently also because they opened up a small resort in Khulo, a major town in the mountains. So we did. Who would have thought that one week later the two of us would be on the way to that Khulo resort in real?

Here is how this happened: My host dad asked me and my friends if we also wanted to go skiing for real with a TV report team. Sure, we said, no problem. Despite that fact that I am a terrible Skier and my last and only time skiing was some day last millenium (Exaggeration!).

Anyway, one nice Sunday morning we were sat down in two TV station Lada Niva with a pile of reporters and hit the road to Khulo – not for super long though. After an hour or so we stopped at a Petrol station that turned out to not be a petrol station but our breakfast – picnic stop. So we got bread, sausage and ate it from the front lid – until an elderly man came by with a couple of shot glasses and a GIANT glass full of liquid – which of course turned out to be Chacha.

The breakfast stop

Anyway, after the earliest two Chachas I ever had (around 9.30?), we kept going to Khulo, were we were sat down in a more modern truck to take those last 3 kilometers up to the resort. Around 1,5 hours later, we finally managed to get up the hill, thanks to winter service, random people pushing the car out of snow etc. When we arrived, they gave us Ski boots and ski and off we went, skiing. Fortunately, it wasn’t exactly a big hill, I was afraid enough (and looked terrible on TV, while Dustin skied and raced like a champ), especially because a pile of around 100 people gathered at the bottom of the hill and I didn’t want to crash into them.

After around 2 or 3 hours skiing, temporarely trading boots with an important looking man for his TV appearance (I wore his shoes in the meantime) and an interview, we went back to town, directly to a big suphra, where we, as on every suphra and the province ones in particular, had way too much food and way too many drinks. Which alone is ok, but after that we stayed with my amazing host grandparents in Khulo, who of course fed us with more food and a bottle of vodka. That knocked us out and into a 12 hour sleep at 10 pm.

Panorama photo taken with my phone. Click to enlarge.

Next day the roads where too snowed in for driving up to the resort, so a cousin and a few of his buddies grabbed us and we walked up there – just to find that they didn’t have our boot sizes and we actually didn’t really have time to ski. It was a super nice winter mountain walk though. Followed by – of course – food, chacha and clothes drying at my host cousins’ family’s house.

After that, we were driven to the bus station were we took the bus back to Batumi, costing us 2,50 – the only expense for the whole weekend. Everything that is impossible in the world is possible in Georgia.

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About Paul

Hey, my name is Paul and I will be going to Georgia for one year to assist English language teachers in public schools through the "Teach and Learn with Georgia" program.
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One Response to 2,50 For A Weekend

  1. babalwa says:

    Sounds like a fun time! The fact that this was a spur of the moment gig, adds to the fun.
    You take very good pics which is why I feel bummed to not be able to see the slides. I love photography 🙂

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