Christmas Special III – A Winter Walk In The Potsdam Park

In the last Christmas post I want to share a few photos of a walk in the park with a friend on a freezing cold but stunningly beautiful winter day in Potsdam in Park Sanssouci.

Garden facade in Sanssouci

Not much to say, it was a good day, we had a two hour walk at around -10°C (keep breathing amazed and surprised Georgian reader, keep breathing! It doesn’t kill us) shook snow from trees to let it snow at us, enjoyed the fresh, cold winter air, did a snow angel, took a photo of a statute that Georgians would probably like a lot (I just took this picture to show it around in Georgia, I hope you do like it 🙂 )and relaxed. Raughley, you would have loved this and Raughley, I missed you there!

With this post, I finally finished updating this blog with all the events from 2010, now off to 2011! Stay tuned! 🙂

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About Paul

Hey, my name is Paul and I will be going to Georgia for one year to assist English language teachers in public schools through the "Teach and Learn with Georgia" program.
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8 Responses to Christmas Special III – A Winter Walk In The Potsdam Park

  1. babalwa says:

    Funny! 4mnths later, off to 2011. Clearly someone’s on GMT (Georgian Maybe Time?) 🙂
    I look forward to the rest of the post. I truly enjoyed your blog and am sad it’s ended so soon (in 2010-ish)

    • Paul says:

      Hey, yeah, I am on GMT big time. I am trying to find time to post new things every now and then and will of course publish all the (photo) stories I have as soon as I can. 🙂

      Also, glad to hear that you are coming to Georgia too. Can’t meet you though unfortunately – by then I am already back home….

  2. babalwa says:

    Yeah, that’s the sad part:(
    Hopefully before then you’ll have had time to update us on life over there in 2011.

  3. babalwa says:

    Isn’t yours a year’s contract? I thought you started around August?

    • Paul says:

      Yeah, but it’s an academic year and also I have to leave a few weeks early, so I’ll be gone by May 30th. The school year itself ends around June 15th. Would like to stay longer but can’t…

  4. babalwa says:

    Oh, I hear ya!

  5. babalwa says:

    I’m on it! *reading new posts*
    Random question: do you know if there are any South african teachers over there, if so, do they have any blogs?

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