What do volunteers do on weekends? II

I know, I know. It’s been a while. Honestely, it’s been too long of a while. There were a few things holding me back from blogging, including loads of travelling in this beautiful country, teaching of street kids in an NGO and some private issues that had to be overcome. Sorry I just let you, fellow reader, down. Won’t happen again. Georgia is just keeping me so busy. đŸ™‚ And I am having the feeling this is gonna be a rusty restart, but I’ll get there. Be patient with me please. In the meantime I collected a couple of photos and stories to be uploaded, so stay tuned for around 10 posts of new footage.

So, what do volunteers again do on weekends? I am just going to continue where that last story ended. The next day Pik Quinn and me went to see more museums when the TV station called and wanted to shoot some clips for their “What do volunteers do on weekends?” report. Bring friends they said.

A few calls and minutes later we all gathered at the centre from where we were transported to this museum PQ and me actually wanted to see anyways. After that we went to that cafe at the beach where the president sometimes resides and is on TV. Over there, we got explained how they traditionally make Turkish coffee on hot sand. After that we went to the Old Boulevard, our “favorite spot” in Batumi. It was pretty nice.

To further satisfy PQ’s historic interest, we took the bus to go to Gonio, which is a 2.500 year old Roman fortress. After getting off the bus too early, a 15 minute walk and talking about German movies we arrived at Gonio. Gonio also is the name of the small village around the fortress south of Batumi, see the map.

Gonio is located south of Batumi. It is a 20 minute bus ride.

You can see photos of Gonio in the slide show below. I took them while we climbed the walls and walked around on the walls. The weather and light wasn’t that nice and I only had my phone, hence the somewhat blurry quality. Sorry for that.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Hey, my name is Paul and I will be going to Georgia for one year to assist English language teachers in public schools through the "Teach and Learn with Georgia" program.
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