Batumi East Side Rain

School starts tomorrow. So I figured I would go to school today to finally get my three to be assisted teachers assigned and to talk about what would happen from tomorrow on.

It was my fourth day in my school. The first day, we introduced ourselves and had a party then (see “Qartuli Suphra”). The second day I had a video shooting with my host dad’s TV channel about the TLG program.

The third day was yesterday. I was going to ask my teachers about start of school, if the curriculum already arrived in the school and who would be my three teachers. I thought I might walk to the school to get to know the environment and to get a feeling of the distance. Afterwards I wanted to go to Sameba, a nice church on the top of a hill, probably in walking distance to the school.

Sameba church up the hill

When I showed up at school at 1.30 (I know, it is rather late), there was basically nobody in the school, except an old lady sitting in a dark room near the entrance. She’s always there, so she does not count. 😉

I cancelled my walk to Sameba after around 20 minutes, because I had nothing to drink with me and did not bring sun blocker, which eventually could have turned out as a big mistake, as the sun started to become aggressive. Maybe tomorrow, after school I thought. Going to meet the teachers at 10 and then walk to Sameba. I thought.

Tonight there was HEAVY rain accompanied by thunderstorm. It continued raining this morning, so I happily accepted the offer of my host dad to bring me to school at 10 by car. I did not call the teachers, as I could not make a call this morning. Probably something got hit by the thunderstorm tonight. They told me, they were in school everyday anyway.

After hanging out in front of the closed door of the foreign language teachers office for 30 minutes, an attentive nice lady brought me a chair, saying “пожалуиста!” (poshaluista). The kind I am, I responded “გმადლობთ” (gmadlobt) and sat down, still patiently waiting for things to come. After 15 minutes, just to be sure, I sent the one teacher whose number I have a text message, asking if they would come today. Answer: I cannot come today, see you tomorrow. At 11am she texted me again: If you not have seen any English teacher so far, you can go home. So I went checking the main teachers office, but there was no English teacher whatsoever. Aaaaalright. Gonna go home then, eh?!

I went out in the rain again, just to see my umbrella grip breaking. Nice day so far. Fortunately, the bus came soon. Did not know, that it will turn out to be the next trap on my trip to school, though.
The buses over here do not have stations, they simply stop when you say stop. I missed my stop, so I figured I would get out at a parallel street of my street and then walk straight ahead in one of the crossing streets. So far so good.

Sounds like a plan, eh? But nearly all the streets here in my “hood”, Batumi east side, look like this one:

500 meters down my street

Yes, there are really trains going on those rails

Georgian Flora

500 meters down my street

Imagine how they look like after 12 hours of heavy rain. Image most of them being rather narrow, so the water does not drain off easily. And imagine every second street being a dead end street, ending at someone’s houses gate after 500 meters. So I hit two severely flooded dead end streets, just before I went totally wrong, doubling the distance I have to walk. Half of the time in 30 cm deep rivers that just have been streets yesterday. Somehow holding the short-gripped umbrella. Yay. Long story short, I came home with half of the books in my rucksack flooded, shoes and pants flooded by walks through the deltas of east side Batumi. I am happy that the mobile phone still works though.

By the way, to make the story perfect: I just stopped raining one minute before I arrived at home. And there is no water coming from the tap, so no showering or anything. Big time fun.

Almost everybody grows own wine

Batumi East Side

Batumi East Side

Batumi East Side

A 30 year old Lada wreck serving as a cat playground

Batumi East Side

Church near my school in Maiakovsi Str.

Ghvino tsoliaauri (or similar) - Wedding Wine as far as I understand. 5 Liters probably. Rumors of Georgian weddings let me suppose this bottle is the amount one person drinks at a wedding.

Yesterday in our street near my house


About Paul

Hey, my name is Paul and I will be going to Georgia for one year to assist English language teachers in public schools through the "Teach and Learn with Georgia" program.
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4 Responses to Batumi East Side Rain

  1. Clemens says:

    wir möchten bitte mehr fotos von dir und den leuten sehen – und deine familie ! 😉

  2. Oma says:

    hallo paul
    wir haben heute deine bilder angesehen . wir sind sehr beeindruckt.
    wir wünschen dir weiterhin solche guten einfälle. für heute ist es genug.
    viele grüße und alles gute von oma, opa und mutti.

  3. biene says:

    wooot!!! wo is der asphalt!? und wie findet man sich dort zurecht sieht ja jede straße gleich aus! oO

  4. Brook says:

    Hi Poli! I hope all’s well where ever you are.
    I now live in Batumi and am trying to figure out what volunteers before me did to keep themselves busy as there’s so much down time.
    Which school did you teach? I am also looking at the above pictures trying to figure out where the heck that is lol

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