Tchame, Tchame!

Georgia is known for his big scale hospitality. You encounter this basically everywhere you go. Whenever you go visit somebody’s place for no matter how short the stay might be, you will get served something to eat. Let it be friends or your new working place (see previous post). I like that. And they definitely know how to prepare delicious food. And how to throw a party.

So the other two evenings my host dad had to work on a fishers festival and on the opening of a Greek style beach restaurant here in Batumi. His offer to join him was happily accepted by me as it gives me the opportunity to meet Georgian people, get to know places all over Batumi and see some cultural peculiarities as well. And to eat for free, as I found out quite soon.

As back home in Germany, they serve loads of food when opening a restaurant or celebrating a fishers festival. But the big difference with Georgian hospitality is, that this food is for free. They simply invite you to their event and do not charge you ridiculous amounts of money for small snacks as they do were I am from. It’s just for free. Georgia 1, Germany 0.

So we had delicious fresh fish from the top 10 fish restaurants in Batumi while there was a group singing traditional Georgian songs at a classic seaside – sunset atmosphere. Amazing. Not to forget to mention the super tasty Georgian wine. There is nothing better then sitting in a comfortable arm chair at the beach while sunset lets the hot day shift into a tepid night and a fresh breeze is coming from the sea, listening to a Mexican-American Band playing nice rhythms and while you are slowly filling your stomach with Georgian wine after you had free, delicious snacks of fish, fruits etc. Nothing.
Georgia, you know how to treat your visitors!

By the way. The post’s headline says Tchame, tchame. Tchame, tchame means Eat, eat! As Georgians are proud of their tasty food and are super hospitable, they really want you to eat as much as you can. Or as much as they can. And even more. And Georgians can eat loads of food. I am sometimes having the feeling my 9 year old host sister can eat more then what physically could ever fit into my body. Every other day I was eating as much as I usually do on my Grandma’s birthday. And refusing seemed nearly impossible until a few days ago.

But now I am having a new strategy. I am striking back. Whenever somebody tells me to tchame, tchame! although I do not want more food, I simply respond with shen tchame! (You eat!). That works quite well. As I am a super slow eater compared to Georgians, they usually already finished their meal when I am done. So when I respond with shen tchame! they neither want to eat any more. That’s a nice excuse that I do not want to eat more neither.

Attached a few impressions of those nights.
PS: Photos of me and my family follow shortly 😉

New Boulevard in the evening

New Boulevard in the evening

Palm trees

Little kids playing at New Boulevard

Sunset at the Black Sea


Batumi Beach

Again Sunset - sorry, this might sound trashy, but I am not getting tired of them 🙂

Georgian singers in traditional costumes

Free food means many people at a fishers festival 🙂

Greek style restaurant at Batumi Beach

View to the Tower of Justice and the Beer Tower from the Beach


Welcome to Sunset View


About Paul

Hey, my name is Paul and I will be going to Georgia for one year to assist English language teachers in public schools through the "Teach and Learn with Georgia" program.
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3 Responses to Tchame, Tchame!

  1. Kaiser says:

    Sounds like yum yum 🙂 good food seems to be one of your diplomatic privileges. But be aware of stomach pains. A Mensa customized stomach can overflow 😉

  2. pelagiaa says:

    ohh beautiful photos of sunset! and story was funny with this ჭამე ჭამე :))))) and u found great way out _შენ ჭამე (thanks it would be helpfull for me too ) 😛

  3. Connie says:

    The first time I visited Georgia I gained 8lbs in 7 days, on a 5’5 frame. El Gordito!
    But it was worth every ounce. Every single thing I tried was absolutely delicious.

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