First day in School. Not.

This is another story about sudden change of plans I just experienced today. At the day of my arrival I was happily told by my family and somebody from the local education ministry, that I actually was assigned to a school a fair ride away from my home stay, but was successfully transferred to school No. 13, a good 300 meters down the street. So far so good.
Then nothing happened in two weeks. Yesterday I made a few phone calls regarding meeting the principal and my teachers, as school already starts in around one week and I made no preparations whatsoever so far. An hour later my host dad received a call that I was going to meet my school principal today at 10.

So I got up “early” today and dressed up a bit. Then we went to my school. When we were in there, there was no school principal. So my host dad asked somebody for her number and called her. My understanding was, that she seemed to be surprised. So brought the kids to their host for the day and went back to the school 30 minutes later. Still no school principal, but her assistant, a nice man, sat us down in her office and had a short talk. 10 Minutes later a nice German teacher came in, speaking to me in quite good German, that she would be glad if I could assist her, that she is glad to meet me and so on.

Another 10 minutes later an English speaking guy in his forties went in. After 2 minutes of small talk we figured, that the both of us were TLG participants. Wait a minute. Two volunteers in one school? That wasn’t part of the plan, we were told. Turned out, that he was originally assigned to school No. 13, met the principal already and made plans with his English teachers. They asked him one or two days ago if he wanted to switch to school No. 5, but he refused. Why would he, anyway?

When the other guys in the office, including my angry becoming host dad, recognized what was going on, the situation became chaotic. Not going into to much of details, just saying that we had a good 15 minutes of call kinds of different phone calls. Turned out I was assigned to school No. 13 while the other guy was supposed to go to No. 5. They did not even tell him.

I figured it would be the best if I just switched. My dad got a bit mad because he wanted me to go to the school nearby, but I am ok with the other school, too. It is surprisingly nice. We had a good 20 minute ride there and have been visiting for 10 minutes. I met a few English teachers, got shown around and met one of their French teachers as well. When she found out through my host dad, that I spoke a (tiny) bit of French, she started to talk to me in fast French. Didn’t get anything, except “Tu ne comprends pas?”. Then her facial expression turned into something I would describe as “knowing look”. She said something like, oh, you really only speak a BIT of French. Thanks for letting me know. But sorry nice lady, I didn’t speak any French whatsoever in the past six years. And I wasn’t THE French crack in school neither.

Tomorrow at 11 I will meet my principal and my English teachers for a first professional meeting. The principal was not there today and to be honest, I was glad I could simply get a coffee down town after those two chaotic hours instead of going through curricula.

No photos of the school so far, that’s why I figured I just provide you with impressions from Batumi port.

Huge tankers in Batumi port

Some port related building

Batumi Port

Batumi Port


Batumi Port

Batumi Port

View on Batumi construction places and mosque

Batumi port

Batumi port

Sea gulls

Batumi port

View along the coast north of Batumi

Batumi port

Batumi port

My new favourite car: Wolga (the Soviet Mercedes if you remember)

My new favourite car: Wolga (the Soviet Mercedes if you remember)


About Paul

Hey, my name is Paul and I will be going to Georgia for one year to assist English language teachers in public schools through the "Teach and Learn with Georgia" program.
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