I have to admit that I am scared of butterflies. Not the coloured ones, no. But the moth alikes with black or dark wings and fat torsos. I know they are more or less the same, but still I am scared. Until the other night proved me wrong.

So we were again at this classic music festival over there in Gonio because all of us liked the first time. This time, we had tickets for the front row. When we were sitting there after about 15 minutes of joy, all of a sudden such a butterfly came flying along right under my shirt. At a classic music festival. In the first row.

What to do then?At first I was a bit stunned. Then I figured it would be a bad idea to lift my shirt there. I did not want to get up and run out in the middle of the concert and it was too late for a first shock reaction anyway.

So I figured it is time for me to overcome my fear. Probably it sounds more easy then it actually was. Especially when that beast started to creep around after about 20 minutes under my shirt. Hardly couldn’t concentrate on the music anymore.

When the first break came, I smelled my chance to finally release the butterfly into its freedom. In the surrounding chaos nobody would notice anyway. Turned out eventually that it wasn’t as big as expected, fortunately.
I think I kind of like those dark coloured butterflies now. At least the smaller ones.

Attached a few photos of the other night in a restaurant up the hills, exploring the port and “Old Batumi”. First time I brought my camera down town.

I took much more photos in the meantime, but I will be going to a wedding in Tbilisi over the weekend and after that I will meet my new two sisters for the first time, so probably no posts until Monday or Tuesday. Enjoy watching the night photos in the meantime and enjoy the break 🙂

Part of Batumi at night - view from the hills

Part of Batumi at night - view from the hills

Me with new haircut

Batumi Port

Batumi Port

Party boat in Batumi port

Different places to got out at night

Batumi at night

Road in Old Batumi heading towards the Piazza

Wine grapes all over the place to make homebrewn wine

Piazza at night

Piazza at night

Piazza at night

Piazza at night

Piazza at night: New vs. Old

Beautiful house in Old Batumi

Street in Old Batumi


About Paul

Hey, my name is Paul and I will be going to Georgia for one year to assist English language teachers in public schools through the "Teach and Learn with Georgia" program.
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3 Responses to Butterflies

  1. biene says:

    😀 heilige Scheiße! n Falterm untern Shirt! Im Konzert! Das topt ja sogar noch unsern Lachanfall in der ersten Reihe bei Carmina Burana von damals! Ich wär eingegangen! 😀 aber grandios erzählt, hehehe!

  2. Paul says:

    Hey Biene, danke für die Kommentare. Freu mich immer wieder, was von zu Hause zu lesen. Auch wenns hier einsame Spitze ist. Ich hoffe ich spam nicht zu sehr. Aber es gibt einfach so viel zu erzählen, dsas ist unglaublich. Jeden Tag erlebt man so verrückte Sachen. Zwei Freunde und ich schreiben momentan einen Liedtext für ein Lied über verrückte Sachen hier. Das wird das dann evlt. Ein wenig zusammenfassen können. 😉
    Lass mal telefonieren die Tage. Würd mich freuen.
    Pauli 🙂

  3. babalwa says:

    Hi Paul!
    You’re very brave to have faced your fear like that!
    I probably would’ve made an utter fool of myself lmao!
    I’m enjoying your blog so far, I’ve read most of the other English teachers, incl Ian, Raughley, Marissa etc (whom I believe are your friends).
    I’ve also applied to teach English over there and should be landing on the 15th of June if all goes according to plan. Wish me luck:)

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