New Celebrity in Batumi: Paul

Batumi is my new home town for slightly more then one week now already. I got to know my new family quite well, their German or English respectively is getting better and better every day and I am also picking up new Georgian words, at less pace then in the Georgian lessons we had, though.

Batumi is a popular place for tourists. It has been popular in the Soviet Union times and it still is, especially amongst Russian, Armenian, Turkish, Ukrainian and of course Georgian people. As we at the moment still have a bit freetime to adjust to our new environment, quite a few people of my group already decided to visit Batumi for one, two or three days.

This is quite nice as I at the one hand can explore the city with my fellow group members and at the other hand get to see some of them again faster then I expected.

Long story short, on our tours around the city we have seen a few places and I took a few photos (more photos of other parts of the city comming separately in future posts).

At the Piazza

Church at the Piazza

At the Piazza

At the Piazza

Church at the Piazza

'Big Church', Orthodox as far as I know

Park in Batumi

Batumi Beach

Batumi Beach

Last Sunday two friends were still in Batumi. My host family decided to in the evening take me to Sarpi, where a traditional Georgian play with folk music was presented at a stage at the beach. After that we have going to this classic music festival in Gonio, this old fortress you have seen in earlier blog posts. As we had two spare seats in our car, my two visiting friends were coming with us.

In Sarpi we spent a good time watching the play (although the music was louder then in any discothek back home), having dishes from different villages from the region, meeting other adjarian situated TLG volunteers from the first group and having a small talk with the governour of Adjara (my host dad introduced us).

The classic music festival was awesome. As it is a big event in Batumi and my dad is working in press, it was hardly avoidable (though not anticipated by me) that I was going to give an interview on how I like Georgia, the Sarpi play and the Gonio festival.
Now I am feeling kind of popular. At my first day we met the president of Georgia. One week later I am shaking hands with the local governour. One day later I am in the 12.00, 14.00, 17.00 and 20.30 news in three (of four) Georgian TV channels. What comes next?

Sunset over the Black Sea, on our way to Sarpi

Turkish border in Sarpi (never been so close to Turkey before 🙂 )

Sunset over the Black Sea in Sarpi

The Turkish Black Sea coast in the evening


About Paul

Hey, my name is Paul and I will be going to Georgia for one year to assist English language teachers in public schools through the "Teach and Learn with Georgia" program.
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2 Responses to New Celebrity in Batumi: Paul

  1. noirdesir says:

    Hey Paul,
    Du bist so fleißig. Da komm ich grade nicht mit lesen nach. Habe aber alles kurz überflogen. Ausführlicher muss ich das dann später machen.
    Aber groĂźe Klasse und weiter so.
    So long!

  2. Paul says:

    Hallo in die Heimat. Danke für den Kommentar. Lass Dir Zeit mit lesen. Ich kann nicht garantieren, dass die Einträge später in so hoher Frequenz reinkommen. Aber mal sehen. Freut micht, dass es gefällt.
    Paul 🙂

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