Georgian weddings and random power black outs

I am not yet hitting the “score” of Raughley (neither do I want to), but the other day it happened to me as well. We were visiting the family of relatives over here in Batumi to say hello, to see their new kitchen evolving (it was already dark, but still there were workmen working on it) and to show me off.

Three minutes after I went in with my family, was served with plums, the essential Turkish coffee and a flood of VERY fast Georgian (or was it Russian?) the inevitable happened: “Oh, he is living in Georgia now, let’s find him a Georgian girl and marry him off.”

Fortunately my host family asked me the first evening if I was assigned and since they know that I am not available at the “flirt market”, so they saved me from a very uncomfortable situation: trying to explain to somebody who does not speak English that it is not about the Georgian girls being not good enough or anything but rather about my relationship status.

Two minutes later we ran in one of those random and apparently quite common power blackouts (I experienced half a dozen already, maybe more), so I finished my Turkish coffee and we left.

Small anecdote from the orientation week: We were in Methodology class when one of us joined the room and accidentally hit the light switch. After a short laughter our teacher with a serious expression on her face said that it was not her fault but the power plant was failing again. Turned out she was wrong – it was only the light switch.


About Paul

Hey, my name is Paul and I will be going to Georgia for one year to assist English language teachers in public schools through the "Teach and Learn with Georgia" program.
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2 Responses to Georgian weddings and random power black outs

  1. raughley says:


    Today my host mother came home from meeting with Nino at the Ministry and getting filled in on details of the program. She confirmed with me that I would be working with three English teachers and one of them would teach me Georgian as well. She added, with a twinkle in her eye, “The girl who will teach you Georgian is young, very, very pretty, and extremely nice. I think you will like her.”

    Rackin’ ’em up, boy!

  2. biene says:

    …und dann lernt man hier auch noch was dabei! Beim nächsten englischen Gespräch werd ich meine neue Vokabel “power blackout” dann auch gleich an den Mann bringen – is mir dann auch egal obs passt oder ni 😀
    Und wie sindse denn nu die georgischen Mädels? Schon dem Charme verfallen? 😛

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