1,5x Georgia in one day

First of all my apologies that starting to blog took me that long. I don’t want to come up with excuses, we only have been rather busy all the time and got confronted with loads of new impressions.

I arrived in Tbilisi at 3.05 am at 18th of August. Had a nice flight from Dresden to Munich as well as from Munich to Tbilisi, where we passengers were served with LOADS of food (probably in preparation for Georgian customs). When I already had a meal and a drink occupying my table almost completely, a stewardess just came:

Stewardess: Do you want something to drink to your food?
Me: Thanks, I am fine.
Stewardess: REAAAALLLY??!?!
Me: Well… ok, give me a tea please.

I was positively surprised that there was somebody to pick me up at the airport in the middle of the night. With two girls from Ireland I got driven to a fancy hotel room, where I finally somehow fell asleep at 4.30 am.

Hotel room in Tbilisi

The other day we surprisingly did not have freetime in Tbilisi but were short-term invited to Batumi by the president of Georgia, Mr. Saakashvili, a ride of about 400 km. Not that much, give us 3 hours and we are there, one would say. Maybe 4 hours with the bus.

But things are a bit different in Georgia. First of all, the one highway they have is around 40 km (rough estimation) long, all the other streets are just major roads. Second, this one highway was partly under construction.

Random Street in Tbilisi

Another monument in Tbilsi

Cows on the street is a quite common phenomenon in Georgia

Kutaisi suburb buildings

Alike looking new police buildings are built all over Georgia. Rather reminds me of a supermarket 🙂

After around 8 hours in the bus with stunning landscape views, a BIG lunch somewhere in the mountains in a restaurant with a bear in a cage, a police escort to Batumi because we were late, we finally arrived in Batumi Beach Club. There we – without the possibility to change the sweaty shirt or anything – immediately were guided to the place to meet the president, who gave a small speech and answered 2 or 3 questions of volunteers.

Glance at Batumi City Center

Mr. Saakashvili giving a speech to TLG volunteers in Batumi Beach Club. In the background the Black Sea.

Batumi Beach 🙂

Batumi Beer Tower

After having a delicious “Adjarpuli Rachapuri” in a fancy Adjarian (Region of Batumi) restaurant, we again mounted into the bus, having another 4 hour ride back to Kutaisi in central Georgia (140 km) where we finally hit the beds at something around midnight after crossing Georgia 1,5 times in one day.

More to come soon!

PS: All photos were taken from my mobile phone and most of them from the bus, hence they are a bit blurry. Sorry.


About Paul

Hey, my name is Paul and I will be going to Georgia for one year to assist English language teachers in public schools through the "Teach and Learn with Georgia" program.
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6 Responses to 1,5x Georgia in one day

  1. Felix says:

    kaum bist du da, schon triffst du das oberhaupt von georgien. nicht schlecht ^^ du erfüllst mich mit stolz paul 😀

    lass uns bald mal skypen!

  2. noirdesir says:

    Astrein. Die Mobilversion funktiniert. Hast etwas zu rödeln mit laden. Vermutlich wegen den Bildern.

  3. noirdesir says:

    Astrein. Die Mobilversion funktiniert. Hat etwas zu rödeln mit laden. Vermutlich wegen den Bildern. Noch ein Fehler im Text. Mal sehen, ob ich das korrigieren kann. Scheint zu klappen.

  4. Clemens says:

    Alle Achtung Paul,
    da hast du ja schon reichlich erlebt für die kurze Zeit ! Viel Spass weiterhin und liebe Grüße aus Potsdam !

  5. Keti says:

    Paul, I’ll be visiting Batumi for a week from September 12 for International Film Festival, will you be there? Enjoy your days! and looking forward to host you in Tbilisi! take care xx

  6. Paul says:

    Ketiii 🙂 i’ll be there as school starts at sep 15. just drop me a message 🙂

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