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New Celebrity in Batumi: Paul

Batumi is my new home town for slightly more then one week now already. I got to know my new family quite well, their German or English respectively is getting better and better every day and I am also picking … Continue reading

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Georgian weddings and random power black outs

I am not yet hitting the “score” of Raughley (neither do I want to), but the other day it happened to me as well. We were visiting the family of relatives over here in Batumi to say hello, to see … Continue reading

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First days in Batumi

So I am finally in Batumi at my host family’s place. I really like them a lot. Not to put too many personal details on the internet, just saying that my host dad is working in a local and a … Continue reading

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10h of West Georgia to Batumi

Sudden change of plans, that is what they told us we have to get used to in Georgia. Actually, I was in the first group of volunteers arriving in Georgia, but due to exams got rescheduled for the second group. … Continue reading

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Kutaisi Orientation Week

Monday, August 16. First of seven days to prepare us for the “real wilderness” in Georgia. Breakfast at 9 am, then meeting, then 3 hours of Georgian, lunch, meeting, Methodology, dinner, meeting. 11 pm. Those seven days basically had the … Continue reading

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1,5x Georgia in one day

First of all my apologies that starting to blog took me that long. I don’t want to come up with excuses, we only have been rather busy all the time and got confronted with loads of new impressions. I arrived … Continue reading

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Georgia! Here I come.

Yes, I am going to Georgia. No, not Georgia, USA. Yes, Caucasus-Georgia. Tbilisi-Georgia. Rose Revolution-Georgia. I was selected as a participant in the project “Teach and Learn with Georgia”. Teach and Learn with Georgia is a program that aims to … Continue reading

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